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Welcome to Shannon's Shamrock Kennels where raising quality, healthy, happy Labradoodles, Shepadoodles and Doxiepoos is the main priority. Our mission is to improve people's lives with loving companions.

Shannon's Shamrock Kennels specializes in raising Labradoodles, and Shepadoodles.  Intelligent loving companions, that won't make you sneeze. 
We feel that everyone that loves dogs and can care for them should have at least one Doxiepoo on their lap and at least one Labradoodle or Shepadoodle at their feet.

Through time, testing and research,  we have established breeding pairs that have been proven to consistently produce genetically strong, athletic, intelligent dogs with fantastically calm but playful personalities with a high percentage of the most desirable coats that are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. They are much less destructive than your average puppy and non-aggressive.

Find out what people are saying after adding a Labradoodle, Shepadoodle or Doxiepoo to their home from Shannon's Shamrock Kennels.
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Labradoodles make fantastic companions, hunting dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs, jogging partners and are highly trainable.     Shannons Shamrock Kennels Labradoodle

Shepadoodles make awesome companions, watch dogs (not guard dogs), therapy dogs, assistance dogs, jogging partners and are highly trainable.
Shannons Shamrock Kennels Shepadoodle

Doxiepoos make great family pets.  I have raised several small poodle cross breeds over the years and Doxiepoos are my all time favorite.  I stopped breeding all other small breed dogs to concentrate on my large breeds but I just could not stop breeding Doxiepoos.  The people that have them absolutely adore them and I wanted to continue to make people happy with these amazing little dogs.  .

Please take a look at coat types
for info on selecting a puppy with the coat type you are looking for and info on
generations(F1, F1b, F3 etc)
We breed all our poodle crosses for health, the temperament that makes for wonderful companions, coat, and color. We screen for health problems and do follow up with our customers, offering house-training tips to health advice. We provide a written health guarantee. Genetic diseases are guaranteed against for 12 months. We keep our dogs in a temperature controlled kennel. They are turned out daily where they have lots of room to run and play in large fenced in yards. Adults are rotated into the house, for extra love and attention. All litters are born in a separate temperature controlled Whelping building. Puppies normally stay in this building until they are 6 weeks. They then go to a temperature controlled indoor/ outdoor kennel where they use the bathroom outside. This lends well to the next step which is going to their new homes and crate training. We have had great responses on the speed that our puppies are housebreaking. They are raised with love and affection. They are de-wormed regularly and will be up to date on vaccinations before they go home to their new family.

Spay|Neuter required on all puppies unless agreement is made between myself and buyer.

Owner: Shannon Woodrow
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