Shannons Shamrock Kennels Shepadoodles

Labradoodle, Labradoodle, You're so cool, but if you knew my German Shepherd, like I know my German Shepherd,
You'd want a Shepadoodle too!!


Adult size - typically 50 to 80 lbs, males usually being larger, 25 to 28 inches at the shoulder.


A cross between a Standard Poodle and a German Shepherd-
Shannons Shamrock Kennels Shepadoodle These puppies become very attached to their human companion. If you don't like a puppy following you from room to room, this might not be the one for you.

They are registered with the Continental Kennel Club. They are very intellegent. They would make a great obedience, working, police, agility, assistance dog, jogging companion or just to hang around the house enjoying your company.

They are an absolute joy to have around. They are low to no-shed. I specialize in Backcrosses which are the best for allergy and asthma sufferes.  The b in F1b stands for Backcross.  They carry the protective trait of the shepherd but are very sociable and much like the Labradoodle. These are standard size and will most likely weigh between 50 and 80lbs, females being smaller.

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