Meet the Mothers


F1 Shepadoodle
Delta - future mom - café Std poodle
dm, vwd and pra clear

Luna - Std poodle
dm, vwd and pra clear
ofa certified hips and elbows


Willow and Lilly
F2 shepadoodles 
Willow is now retired

Juno, Jazz and Josie. Std poodles. They are most likely going to be Royal size. future moms.  
Jenny(pra and vwd clear, 1 dm gene, will be breed to only clear males) and Jewels pics coming soon

Lydia - German shepherd - future mom
dm clear



Penny - Toy poodle

Neenah - mini dachshund
does not carry dapple

  Florida went off to Broadway
Good luck Florida in your new career 

Shae Laree - std Poodle
luna's(fully tested) sister from another litter

Meet Kara
Standard Poodle -retired

    Meet Karen - F1b Labradoodle
dm clear

       Stella - F2b Shepadoodle 
dm, vwd and pra clear
ofa prelim

       Tasha - Labradoodle

  Check out the gorgeous puppies these moms created.