Labradoodle Puppies


UPDATED August 20th, 2017

Labradoodle Puppies not available!!!
Luna and Hennessey will hopefully produce a litter in October.
see the available Labra-shepadoodle pups on my shepadoodle page


Welcome to the Labradoodle Nursery. We are so in love with all our new puppies and look forward to finding them amazing new homes.

Labradoodle: An Awesome Cross between a Standard Poodle | Labrador Retriever
Hip history available on parents.

Adult size - typically 50 to 90 lbs, males usually being larger, 25 to 28 inches at the shoulder.

Texts welcome 803 260 2030
 please include your name on all first texts


Kara - standard poodle - marketing manager

Noodle and Hennessey had a litter of F4 Labradoodles on March 11th, 2017. Ready to go to their new homes on
May 6th, 2017.

$1500 plus 7% sales tax if picked up or
$1500 plus $450 shipping costs if shipped.
I will pay PayPal fee

all pups from this litter are in new homes

  female  - Jenny - reserved

female - Carol - reserved

female - Karla - reserved

female - Lisa -reserved

male - Joey - reserved

male - Louie - reserved

male - Jay - reserved

male - Charlie - reserved

male - Jimmy - reserved

male - Howie - reserved

male - Carl - reserved



Merry Christmas from the Marullo Family. We are celebrating our 10th Christmas with Ringo and our 2nd with Romeo this year. They are handsome, awesome, well behaved and LOVED! We sing your praises often


  beautiful boy from Shannon's Shamrock Kennels.  



Click on the bone to see available Shepadoodle Puppies: