Customer Letters

On this page are comments emailed to me by customers that have purchased puppies from me. Full names are not included for the privacy of my customers.

This comment is about a Labradoodle

My baby and first doodle is 11 today.  He is my heart- and I have never received a more precious gift in my life.  What a blessing he is to me and to our community.  I pray for his continued excellent health and for many more years to love him more and more.  May he never suffer and always be my happy doodlebug

This comment is about a Shepadoodle puppy

Received Ubu into delta cargo ( albany ny) July 22nd ( as scheduled ), at a little over 8 weeks old. Fell in love immediately as she was looking out at me from a room away, as I wrapped up her paperwork. We have been together over a month now. She is super smart. Got an A+ at the groomers. Very loving and easy to get along with. If I had ten acres I would have 2 more! I live though in a small city, which she is adjusting to nicely. Easy to crate train. Learns commands very quickly. What else can I say? I just love her. Shannon you were also very nice and easy to communicate with. Thank you,

The comment below is about a Labradoodle

Leonard (7mo3wk) has been a special pet. His IQ is very high as he is very obedient and gets along great with people and other dogs. 

 The comment below is about two Labradoodles.
Merry Christmas from the Marullo Family. We are celebrating our 10th Christmas with Ringo and our 2nd with Romeo this year. They are handsome, awesome, well behaved and LOVED! We sing your praises often Shannon


The below comment is about a F2 Labradoodle.
Hi Shannon, wanted to send a picture of my sweet Romeo.  He is a big beautiful boy at 8 months.  He weighs 75 lbs.  Our veterinarian says he is super smart and very healthy.  We adore him, and he and Ringo are inseparable.  Romeo is a good puppy and has not been kenneled since he was 5 months.  He plays constantly, but only with his toys.  He ( just like Ringo) has never destroyed a single thing in my house.  Our dogs have an underground fence and he trained on that beautifully at 4 months.  So in conclusion, I've now purchased two amazing labradoodles from you.  We are big fans!!!!

The below comment is about a F2 Shepadoodle.
Hi Shannon,
I am writing to tell you first how much we LOVE Molly. She is the sweetest dog ever. I am sure all your families say that about their dogs, but I am certain we are the only ones telling you the truth! :o) Really though, she is a wonderful dog and we get compliments on her wherever we go. She is so calm and mild mannered that people often don't realize she's still a puppy! And I have to tell you she has brought about an amazing change in our dog Sydney. Before Molly came Syd would lay around in the back room and rarely socialize with us. Now she is everywhere Molly is, making sure she gets her share of the attention. Best of all, Molly got Sydney to be interested in playing again! That is something none of the other dogs in the family could do! Sydney actually initiates play with Molly. It's so fun to watch and it's so nice to see such an improvement in Sydney's life. I can't say enough great things about having Molly as part of our family. I am including a couple of photos of her. One is from the dog park, which she loved visiting.
And the other is her with our dog Sydney on the left and my sister's dog Samson (a lab/great dane mix) it can give you an idea of how much she has grown. July 2013

The comment below is about an F2b Labradoodle.

Hi Shannon!
I just wanted to give you an update on Barley (10-6-11)! He is doing fantastic and has proven to be the most willing and loving boy! Barley loves to go for hikes in the Redwood trees, I can take him off leash and his recall is superb. We are working on "stay" and he is a natural! His daddy taught him how to play frisbee and he is so agile. I gave him his first trim up on his legs and chest, he looks great. Barley gets so many compliments on his "highlights", he is quite the stunning boy! Barley weighs around 60 pounds. He loves to play with other dogs and his favorite game is to run with his toy and let them try to catch him. Barley has been a blessing to our family, we love him! Thank you for bringing this special boy to life!     July 2013

This commnet is about a Shepadoodle

We think Happy is THE best dog ever! I want 6 more just like him! :)

This comment is about a Standard Poodle.

Shannon, Still loving my girl! We named her Paris!
I can't bring myself to cut her baby coat yet! LOL She was helping me out by the pool today! She is really coming along well. She barks to go outside to potty and is just the smartest girl! I adore her! She seems to be staying small which is fine. Thank you so much for this gorgeous girl! When I decide to cut that baby coat and give her a real poodle groom I will send you pictures. She is good about her feet and face and she is fine with me trimming and filing her nails. Thanks again!   June 2013

This comment is about a Shepadoodle.

Hi Shannon. She's doing great . My husband named her Scout. I'm not sure if you recall - she was a birthday gift for him. We love her! She's getting bigger by the day and full of energy. My husband takes her to Puppy Kindergarten class. She will be getting "fixed" next month. The vet says she's very healthy.

Here's a picture I took of her about a month ago. It's one of my favorites.
Feel free to use it on your site. Everyone always says how pretty she is!
June 2013

Comment is about Labradoodles.

Hello! Hope all is well! Just wanted to send you a couple pics of Milo & Clover (aka Dietrich & Sue Ellen)- We love them!! They're fantastic dogs and have been a welcome addition to our family! They seemed to know right away that they were siblings (even from different litters) and are always together. Milo is super smart and so easy to train. Clover has been more challenging but she is so sweet. People constantly stop us when we're out and ask about them. Thank you for them!   June 2013

Comment Is about a Shepadoodle

AJ and I just wanted to wish you a happy 2013, and we wanted to send along an update on how he’s doing. He is 7 months old now, and 56 pounds! He is adorable of course (I’ve attached a few pics of him) and doing so well. I think he’s going to be a big boy… we’ll see where his adult weight lands.

I can’t thank you enough for him… I feel so blessed to own him, and didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to get such a wonderful pup twice in a row from you... but I should have known better. How could he not be as wonderful as Rudy, seeing as how he came from you? J

As I think you know, he comes to work with me daily. He lies on his bed quietly while I work, and customers in the store continuously compliment me on his good behavior. No one can believe he is just a puppy because he is so calm. He is also the happiest puppy in the world- he loves everyone and everything. He gets attention from all types of people and children and loves every minute of it. No one is ever disappointed when they ask if they can say hi to him. He wakes from a dead sleep to wag his tail, say hello, and charm them all. His favorite thing to do when people approach and he’s on his bed is to roll upside down, back legs spread, in that ‘submissive puppy’ posture and wait for a belly rub. It is funny. Or, if I’m in the middle of teaching class and I haven’t used him in a while to demo anything and he feels he’s lacking attention, I’ll look over and he’s upside down, legs in the air kicking every which way, being silly in the hopes of getting some attention – which of course he does! His personality is huge.

He gets along so well with other dogs too – loves to play with other puppies his own age, but will play with adult dogs too. This pup is fearless. And tolerant as well. I can’t count how many times he’s been lying quietly on his bed chewing a bone, and either another dog will walk up and steal his bone, or a child will come over and pull the bone out of his mouth… and he tolerates it all very good naturedly. Never the slightest worry on my part that he’d even think of doing something in retaliation. He just says hi to whomever came by and waits for me to step in and retrieve his bone for him.

We got a little swimming in when he first arrived before the weather got too cold, and he loves the snow as well. He is very athletic and full of energy- I love to watch him run, leap, and enjoy his freedom when we’re out hiking or on an adventure.

I worked hard with him since I got him, and I’m proud of how obedient he is. Knows the usual- sit/down/stay/come/heel etc and even at such a young age, I trust him off leash when we hike or explore because he comes willingly and enthusiastically every time I call. So he gets to enjoy a rich life with the privilege of freedom because he truly earns it.

His coat is gorgeous- curly and hasn’t shed one hair. I keep him clipped fairly short so he’s low maintenance and the usual comment I hear is that he looks and feels like crushed velvet. He’s still growing and starting to develop a deeper chest and fill out a bit – but still has the gangly puppy legs. You can tell already how gorgeous he is going to be full grown. He has huge expressive eyes and a beautiful gait. He is my little buddy- wherever I am in the house, there he is by my feet.

He is well behaved at the vet, at the groomer, and an angel when my parents dogsit for him from time to time. He is also smart – picks up new tricks in one training session. I’ll spend a few minutes trying to teach him something and then I give him a break… when I come back to it the next day, I always find, he then knows how to do it. Amazing!

We did a little agility before the winter, but we’ll have to revisit that in the spring. I’ll keep you posted as he continues to grow, but just wanted to let you know how he was doing. He has a good home here and we love him to pieces. Thank you again for such a wonderful companion!

Just wanted to send you a few pics of our wonderful boy! Brody is doing great! Totally bonding with our German Shep, Charlie. Charlie is a girl, and a total nurturer. She already responds to us saying "go get Brody" and she will lead him back to us. We love him! Mike is working on the housebreaking and so far so good. He is very smart and independent. 

Hope all is going well for you and you are blessing others with your doodle offspring!

thanks so much!

Hi Shannon just wanted to give you an update on Sherlock Holmes aka. Sherlock Talley. He is doing wonderful and having so much fun. Loving the outdoors. We have such a great time with him. Never thought we would love another dog so much, but we are all in love for sure! Hope you and all your older and new babies are doing great, oh and the birds. We are so thank full for such a healthy ,happy and great disposition dog. Thank you. Hard to believe he is almost four months old. Seems we have had him forever. Take care of all your group and keep doing what you do best. We have recommended your kennel to several people already. ~ 2012

Comment Is about a Labradoodle

Hi Shannon, just wanted to contact you and let you know that our wonderful Labradoodle Ringo is now 7 years old and is still doing great. Shannons Shamrock Kennels Customer Letter RingoHe is in very good shape, and recently had x-rays to show that there is absolutely no arthritis. He has always been the picture of health. He loves to play football, run with neighbor dogs and go to the park for his daily 2 mile "adventure". He is still working as a therapy dog, and is so very loved by so many people. He is requested often because he is so gentle and sweet, not to mention so well behaved. He can actually stand at the door of many hospital rooms and wave to the patients if they are too sick to pet him. I will never be able to express to you how wonderful he is. No matter where we go, he has many admirers and tons of compliments on how beautiful he is. Ringo is our magical boy, for whom we are all so very grateful. ~ Ringo's Mom  2012

Comment Is about a Labradoodle

Dear Shannon,

It has been almost seven months since we adopted our sweet girl, and I just wanted to give you an update. As you may have remembered, neither my husband nor I had ever owned a dog before, so we were a little scared about what we were getting into. All I know is that after having Kona (Evelyn) I don't understand why everyone in the world does not have a dog. Shannons Shamrock Kennels Customer Letters KONAShe is the sweetest animal you could ask for. She has not only won our hearts, but the hearts of my parents, who prior to her would never dream of allowing a dog in the house. Now they try to steal her whenever possible. My mother in law is also not fond of dogs, but loves (LOVES) her. Our parents' friend is the Dean of the NC State Vet school, and he was incredibly impressed with Kona when at twelve weeks she already knew sit, stay, shake, speak, roll over, jump through a hoop, nose bump, and fetch. She has the best temperament that I have seen in a dog, she just loves everybody and still follows you from room to room, even at nine months old. We took her to the beach last week and she's in the process of learning how not to pull on the leash when there are five thousand people around AND catch a tennis ball in mid-air.

At any rate I wanted to give you an update. She is such a sweet, sweet girl. I'm pregnant and while part of me is nervous as to how she's going to react with a sibling, there's another part that isn't worried about her at all. Will have to let you know what happens.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love our dog so much!

Karen & West 

 The comment below is about an F1b Shepadoodle.

I hope the new year is off to a great start for you and all your pups! We finally got our first real snow this winter, and of course I had to take pictures of Rudy outside in it. (see attached - I snowblowed him a racetrack path around the house so he can really run). That, of course, got me reminiscing and looking through all our recent pics of Rudy, and I just had to share. You should start a Facebook page, so all your customers can share pics of their babies and the stories of how they entertain us and how grateful we are that we found you! Anyway, Rudy, of course, is doing wonderfully. The general consensus around here (no surprise)is that he is a good boy. I am working as a dog trainer now, and he accompanies me to work most days. Our days are filled with morning hikes and walks, visits to the dog park, training, and then when he's nice & tired..... we go to work at night - I teach class and he watches (i.e. sleeps) in his bed unless I need him to demo something. He has become my little shadow pup. I don't even need a leash on him anymore - he responds perfectly to my voice commands wherever we are, and trots behind me like a happy, little pony.

He is just the cutest, most affectionate dog ever. He taught himself to 'talk' - whenever myself or my husband (or special friends/family he knows well) pet his face, he does an "oww oww oww" half howl noise that is just hysterical. The more the person laughs at him, the louder and more silly the howl talk becomes. He is also known to approach us when we're sitting on the couch and shove his nose under your arms and nuzzle on in, buried all the way up to his neck. He makes friends (human and canine) whenever we go, and the comments I hear most often are how happy and outgoing he is - he loves to walk up to people, sit politely, and make eye contact, waiting for attention. When the person can't resist petting him, he noses their hand or rubs his face on their legs in an attempt to reciprocate and show his good will. With other dogs, he is equally expressive. It seems he is forever in a play bow, and his signature move is to lift one big paw, snort a bit, and give the other dog a bop on the head to entice play.

As much fun as he is, his obedience is impeccable and very impressive. I can't believe he's my dog and that we got this lucky! At work, he practically does my job for me (selling the training classes) - because once people see a 30 second demo of him, they are like "I want that dog/ want my dog to be just like him" ... I have even had several offers from people who wanted to buy him from me. And of course, I refused heartily. He is my pride and joy. Can you tell I'm a proud mama? :-)

This past year we tried our hand at sheepherding, since he does have shepherd in him and he did awesome. The teacher couldn't believe how much impulse control he had - I was able to work him off leash right away, whereas a lot of the other beginner dogs would chase/lunge at the geese & sheep. But not Rudy. We also taught him to swim during the summer, and joined a group of folks that hike with their dogs. He has added so much to our lives, and we feel blessed and honored to own him. Thank you again!

The comment below is about an F1 Labradoodle.

She is fantastic, and has an enormous personality. She goes everywhere we go. The bank, the store. Restaurants. Everywhere. She is the most well-behaved dog you could imagine. Never uses a leash. Doesn't NEED one. She walks down the middle of Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg in the peak of tourist season and walks right between Michael and I without missing a beat. When she sees a squirrel, she chases it up a tree (her favorite pass-time) and comes right back to resume her position between us. She doesn't bother with other dogs passing by who act like nuts barking and tugging at their leashes. She walks along like a "people" because I believe she thinks that's what she is! LOL. I won't keep you anymore. Just wanted to give you an update and say she truly is an amazing dog. Hope all of Patrick's pups turn out half as wonderful as she has. 

The comment below is about an F1b Shepadoodle.

Hi, Shannon,

Attached is a photo taken at a K9 Wine and Dine Benefit event held in Canada. Rudy is now 16 months old. You had named him Rudolph, of Jolie and O'Mally parents.

Rudy is an amazing dog -- calm, intelligent, loving, and extremely athletic (still retains his occasional puppy hop, but usually runs with fluid grace and incredible agility). He most often resides in Houston; though he spends his summers running with the dogs in Whistler, B.C.

Total strangers (of varying nationalities) stop and ask me often about Rudy (and his breeder). Thought I should let you know how much I have enjoyed him.

Thank you,  Janice
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The comment below is about a Doxiepoo.

Long time since we've last communicated. It's Katie and we are the owners of little Niki.. I never sent you a picture of her that I promised a ways back .. She is the BEST, BEST dog ever. If you remember, I was concerned about my daughters and my asthma and allergies to dogs… well, we are doing fine with her… I'm telling you she is the center of our household. Thank you for breeding such loving pets!!! We receive so many compliments on her, I can't believe how soft her hair is too. She is so smart and gives so many kisses… I've given your name out so hopefully you received some business from it… Shannons Shamrock Kennels Customer Letters

The comment below is about an F1b Shepadoodle.

Hey Shannon,

It's been a while, and Elle, who is now 2 is doing amazing. She is my daughter's (who will be 4 in April) very best friend. They're inseparable.

Anyway, the real reason for my email is to give you a heads up. One of my husband's business associates in Philadelphia, is interested in a Shepadoodle. Considering how much we brag about ours, I'm not surprised. My husband and I both grew up with many dogs, and we agree that our Elle is hands down the smartest we've ever encountered.

I emailed Gene your website this morning, and I expect you will be hearing from him soon! Thanks again for the amazing addition to our family!

The below comment is about a Shepadoodle.
Hey Shannon:
Hope all is well with you.
Jake is doing real well. I think he is going on 16 weeks now. He is incredibly intelligent, kind, warm, loving and eager to please. I couldn't be happier. He is no trouble and brings joy to each and every one of my days.
In the couple of weeks I have had him, he has learned sit, down, stay, and heel. It is amazing. He starts puppygarten on June 22. I'm sure he will have no trouble graduating. Thanks so much for him. Keep in touch and don't forget if you want to come to NJ, you are always welcome. Take care.

This comment is about a Labradoodle.

Today I took Lana to the farmer's market in Charleston and this woman came running up to me to say that Lana could be a Hollywood dog, that I should train her and take her to Hollywood. We get comments on a daily basis that she is the cutest dog that people have ever laid eyes on. By the way, she is very smart and already knows a lot of tricks. She can sit, down, stay, shake and roll over! We've also trained her not to touch shoes and she drops things if you say "leave it." We've only used lots of positive reinforcement to train her (with a little bit of bitter apple and a can of pennys, when it was only necessary).

This comment is about a Shepadoodle.

Sorry I missed your call last night. As I'm sure Tom told you, Dixie is just great. I think I could have named her Shadow!! She is never more than two paces from my side -- I love it! Our grandchildren love her and she sure enjoys them. She has a great little personality and is very intelligent. She loves her toys and rummages through the basket we keep them in for the exact one she wants at the moment! She just loves being outside with us.

Thanks for calling to check on our shepadoodles. Bobo, the white one, and Coal, the black one, are doing great and loving their new home! It's been three weeks and they are a part of the family now. Bobo is the social one, always wanting to be with us, while Coal hangs back a little and checks things out first. They are both supersmart, sweet dogs, fast learners. My kids love them dearly, as do I. I'm so glad we decided to get the second one...they keep each other company, play together, sleep together and will hopefully grow old together! I am happy to report that they are not shedding at all! Even when I pick them up (which I won't be able to do much longer!), I have no hair on my clothes. Our vet said they had been well-taken care of by you, so I appreciate you keeping them up-to-date on their shots before we picked them up. We'll keep you posted on their progress and try to send pictures.

This comment is about Labradoodles.

Hi Shannon. Finally, a new picture of Wally and Dolly. Would you believe they turned 1 year old in February? Wally weighs 88 pounds and Dolly is 72 pounds. They are just all around great dogs and are the best of buddies. VERY difficult to get a photo of them individually. They just have to be together all the time. I've attached a picture so you can see how cute they are!

This comment is about a Cock-a-poo.

Buzz is doing great.......He is the sweetest puppy in the world.......he sleeps in a crate right next to my bed at night and doesn't make a sound......He hasn't messed or made pee pee in his crate in the past four days...he is playful and cuddly........he is wonderful.......Thank you so much, we love him sooo very much....I will send pics soon

Leo in Rhode Island is doing very well, He's a big boy at 50lbs at 6 months. I attached 3 pictures taken today to show you how beautiful he is. No shedding, no allergies w/ the children and our friends w/ labradoodles are jealous of his coat.

Below is an update on Spanky and Darla from Sarah

We have two doodles and they are wonderful. They are housed trained and they are so playful. They have such uniuqe personalities. They are nine months old and getting bigger everyday. I'm so glad that one of our friends recomended you. We named the puppies Spanky and Darla. They are so fun to play with and they work well with kids.

Below is a comment about a Shepadoodle puppy.

Shannon, No you can't have him back! His name's Woodrow (Woody to his friends)-after one of the main characters in Lonesome Dove and the best breeder around. I'll e-mail you with his progress report-but so far very great. One accident the first night home. Other than that he's got us trained well. First night was a bit rough since he apparently missed his siblings a lot. Since then though, sleeping the night through. Oh, by the way, he's by far the smartest dog I've ever known--by way far.

The below comment is about a Labradoodle.

Leo is doing great. We love him very much. The vet was impressed with his coat. It is fleecy like a multi-gen labradoodle. He is very healthy. At 9 weeks he weighs 14lbs. He loves the kids and his rabbit counterpart. The rabbit and dog love to chase each other. Leo is adjusting well and loves just being with us. He follows us around and wants to lay down where ever we are. This was a great idea and you made this experience very special. Thank you! We will send you pictures very soon.

The below comment is about a wavy Labradoodle

I just wanted to Thank You again for helping make adding Belle to our family such a pleasant and fun experience. Our daughter loved being able to sit on your horse and is totally in love with this puppy, as are my husband and (especially) me. I am taking her to the vet today; we've already had her at the pet store three times buying chew toys, new dog dishes, etc...and you were right, she is so far proving amazingly easy to potty train. She truly tells us when she needs to go out! And she's doing great at night in her crate! Just an angel! We can't thank you enough. I will certainly send others your way if the opportunity arises!

Below is a comment about a Shepadoodle.

Thanks for selling me such a great dog! Thanks also for the info – I’ll retreat him with frontline today, and give him heartworm preventative. As for the records, it’s a good thing you didn’t send them with the dog – I was a nervous mess picking him up, and probably would have lost the papers – better to mail them. I will need them, however to enroll in obedience classes. Sherwood is a big hit in Brooklyn. I get stopped regularly and am asked about his breeding – everyone is amazed by his look and temperament. I’ll pass your name on, if folks are sincerely interested. It makes me think that Shepherd / Poodle mixes are quite rare. I didn’t realize how unique the breed was until I started walking him around town. Do you know how many people cross breed these dogs? Are there clubs that you are associated with, or do you know any where I can get more info? You were the only person I found who breeds them, but now I’m curious to learn more. I’ve been reading quite a bit, and there is not a lot of info on them. Please pardon my many questions. I’m in rapture with my new pal.

Below comment is about a Labradoodle

Wesley (aka Chester) is doing great. He is very calm and gentle with all of us. We take him on walks every morning and evening and my daughter Sarah and I have been doing some obedience training with him. He knows sit, down, and come. He loves when the boys play "keep away" with him and he gets to go fetch the object he's been chasing after. He sleeps with the kids which pleases him and the kids.

The comment below is about an F1b Labradoodle.

I have been meaning to write to you for a while to let you know how well Maggie Mae (we added the Mae) is doing. We are now in our third class at the Greater Columbia Obedience Club which is a Novice Rally class and she is doing so well that we are going to enter our first competition in January. I never thought we would progress this quickly, but she is so smart and so willing to work and learn new things that the more I seem to challenge her the more she likes it. I have set up a small agility course in our yard and she took to that instantly. I had her going up the teeter and down again in only a few short sessions. All of our instructors have been complimentary of her intelligence and progress. It has been a lot of fun for both of us. She is really a funny dog with a huge personality! She is always making us laugh with her antics of bringing our shoes into the living room or rolling over on her back for attention. I am finally going to retire next May and can't wait to take her to the next level of rally and on to obedience and agility. She has added such a wonderful richness to our lives I just though you would want to know about the great dogs you breed.

The below comment is about an F1b Shepadoodle.

The past year and a half have flown by and I can't believe that our little Rudy (now 70 lbs!) will be 2 years old in November. Just wanted to send you an update on our sweet boy and show you some pictures of him.

He continues to be the light of our lives. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving him home alone during the day when I returned to work, so instead I've been taking a dog training instructor class, so that I can teach obedience and bring Rudy along with me to work as my demo dog. This dog has literally changed our lives and my career. I get compliments on him everywhere we go, so I'm sure he'll be a great role model for the pups. He is the picture of obedience and good behavior, and makes me look good! He listens to whatever we ask of him, he is calm in the house, playful in the yard and with his doggie friends, and friendly and happy every moment of the day. We literally have no complaints or problems with him.

He always potties in his spot in the yard, has never run the invisible fence, and we have no problem behaviors such as barking, digging, chewing, destruction, or unruly behavior. Whenever I talk to other dog owners, I silently thank you (again) for him- because hearing all the problems these other owners encounter, makes me grateful for the attentive, polite and respectful dog Rudy is.

In addition to ongoing obedience, we started him in agility classes. He loves it! This dog has springs under his feet- he runs so fast and literally bounces over the jumps. Rudy loved it all so much that we bought some agility equipment for our backyard so he can play even more often. He is very athletic, but that, combined with his goofy personality, make him a hoot to watch.

We continue to get asked several times an outing what kind of dog he is. I've had people guess everything from Irish Wolfhound, to Airedale, to Schnauzer mix, and even Greyhound mix. When I tell them he's a Shepadoodle, they all do the same thing - repeat back to me "Poodle and German Shepherd?" like I'm crazy. Then they ask me if it was an intentional mix, and I tell them it certainly was. Not sure why the Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are more popular/more well-known than the Shepadoodles, but I know in my heart, they've got nothing on Rudy!

He keeps us busy going to dog parks, visiting pet stores, taking him to daycare to play with his friends, hiking, playing and walking. He has even become the sort of "puppy nanny" at obedience classes, since we attend so many. The trainer loves him, so she allows us to sit in on all her classes, even though he graduated long ago. It's a great distraction for those in her class, it gives me a distracting environment to work his off-leash and advanced obedience, plus it's another great opportunity to continue to socialize him.

Rudy just has a way about him that even self-professed non-dog people can't help coming over to pet & meet him. Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful bundle of love. This dog is the most obedient, happiest, open/accepting/tolerant, carefree, calm, stable and well-adjusted dog I have ever come across. He is perfect. We couldn't be more pleased and know we will just have to get another of your Shepadoodles at some point in the future.

The below comment is about two F1b Labradoodles

Its truly hard for me to believe that so much time has passed so quickly. Snickers is now 3.5 years old and Dooley is three. They are SO smart and bring us so much love and devotion. I have to tell you a quick story. In January of this year, I had a total knee replacement of my left knee. As part of my rehab, I was in a CPM machine (on our bed) three times each day for about 2 hrs each time. Both Snickers and Dooley were on the bed laying beside me the entire time and if I had pain and made any noise, one or both came up to my face to nuzzle me and let me know it was OK. When the rehab nurse showed up three times each week, both dogs were right there going through the rehab with me.. helping me get well. Their devotion was very touching to me.

We have finally reached the point that we are now seriously looking to down size our house and get a one story but the primary consideration is to get a much bigger lot for the babies. When that happens, we will no doubt come to you (finally) for a cafe doodle. Our two Labradoodles are referred to by all our neighbors as the "Rock Stars" of the neighborhood... and everyone knows them and loves them. Our groomer loves them and raves about how easy they are to groom and how well mannered they both are. These dogs are truly exceptional animals and speak volumes about your breeding standards.

The below comment is about a Doxiepoo

Robby and I were looking at the website and noticed that you had posted Maggie's picture. We appreciate you showing her off on the site. She is the joy of our life.

Thank you so much

Merry Christmas

The below comment is about an F1b Shepadoodle from Jolie and O'Mally ('Rudolph'- Rudy)

One week today and the reports are as follows:

From his vet, who said he was a healthy worm-free puppy: "This dog is exceptionally well behaved. People would pay a lot of money for a puppy like this. Consider yourself very fortunate."

From his trainer, "This puppy is a dream -- very smart and yet mellow. His Breeder is to be complimented."

Thank you.

The comment below is about two F1b Labradoodle pups(now adults)

Hi Shannon,

Well, its that time of year and once again, we have made our Christmas cards photos of Valri and I, Snickers and Dooley. I'm sure you get tired of hearing all the stories about how much love and joy your dogs have brought to their owners but here's yet another.

Snickers just had her third birthday and Dooley is two and a half. Our two Labradoodles are referred to as the "Rock Stars" of our neighborhood. Many of our neighbors may not know us by name but believe me when I say, they ALL know Snickers and Dooley by name. When we walk the dogs, children run into their homes and tell their mommies, "Look, it's Snickers and Dooley, can I go pet them?" Everyone loves our two labradoodles. Well mannered, well trained and definitely well behaved, Snickers and Dooley are the centers of attention everywhere they go. We have them groomed once a month and our groomer couldn't be happier to see them.. Both Dooley and Snickers jump into the bathing tub on their own. They love the attention and seem to take pride in their appearance after each grooming session. They strut around as if to say, "Look at me, am I beautiful or what?"

On those occasions when we go out to run errands or to dinner or a movie, they make themselves comfortable on our bed where they sleep until we return home. Always well behaved and NEVER bother a thing. Once we open the door, you would think we had been gone for a life time. We are showered with hugs, kisses and high fives! On our walks if we encounter a jogger or others walking, they sit and stay until the passers by have either moved on or they stop to comment on how beautiful our dogs are and how well behaved they are. Yes, we are proud parents.

Both Snickers and Dooley now weigh about 75 lbs. Here's the funny part, we all share one king sized bed at night! Never ever thought that I would have a dog in my bed. They never shed, and are wonderfully clean. So, we allow them to sleep with us on top of the covers. While Snickers is sweet in her own lovable way, Dooley is the most loving dog I've ever seen and is quiet the clown. It is an often occurrence for me to awake in the mornings with Dooley laying beside me (on top of the covers) with his head resting on my shoulder. Our nightly ritual is for both dogs to jump into bed with us, and both roll over on their backs for a quick good-night belly rub.. before dropping off to sleep.

Shannon, we are so happy with Snickers and Dooley. As empty nesters, we enjoy our dogs so much and are so thankful every single day for all the love and joy they have brought back into our home. Thank you again, for the care and attention you take in your breeding program. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. If you will forward me your mailing address, we would like to send you our Christmas card with our "family" photo.

Best Regards,
The comment below is about an F1b Shepadoodle.

It's been a little more than a week now. He already knows to sit, stay, come, lie down. He gets a tennis ball and brings it back. Any stick you put in front of him he will carry back home. He's been with some other dogs and plays well, and lots and lots of people and he never rattles. He's just about house broken too. I say "Crate" and he goes in his crate. He whines sometimes, but for the most part he's fine with it.

He's an amazing dog, so far he shows all of the qualities I wanted in a dog. He's smart, he's independent, he's loving, he's calm, but he's plays great when he wants to. He follows me and my daughter so closely wherever we go. On long walks he stays right there. He's an amazing dog.

Thank you so much for all the help in picking the right one. He's perfect.

The comment below is about an F1b Shepadoodle.

Thought you might appreciate this series of pictures of "Crazy Blazey", the puppy we purchased from your May 7, 2008 litter. She has turned out to be a fabulous addition to our family, a constant companion and sweet friend. Wish we had room for another fluffy doodle, but she provides the pleasure of three dogs.

The comment below is about an F1b Labradoodle.

Well, we are in love! Not only with each other, but our new "brown eyed girl." I just wanted to let you know that she is doing well. This morning she jogged the full 2 1/2 miles with me without even slowing down, however, I jog very slow! We are working on walking on a leash, sit, stay and shaking paws. She really is very intelligent and a quick learner. She does like to be challenged so we are also playing hide and seek with her in the house. More than one of our friends who have met her said, "Maggie, you have won the doggie lottery." They know how we are with our animals. She really doesn't like the garage doors opening so we are taking her out the back door until she can get used to the noise. She does, however, like riding in the golf cart and went in a pond up to her elbows tonight. I knew you would be thinking about her.

The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle

She is really incredible. I will send pictures this weekend Very very low shedding. She's literally perfect. No biting, no chewing furniture, obedient, playful, smart.

The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle

Deja just finished her intermediate obedience training. She'll have another round come July. Regardless, I want you to know that I have gotten just what I wanted - an intelligent, loving, sweet, beautiful dog. Her trainer says she is the smartest dog she's ever trained.

The below comment is about a F1 Shepadoodle

HI Shannon.
Well, Charlie will be one years old this weekend and I thought you might like to see what he looks like. He has turned out to be a beautiful dog and incredibly sweet to everyone. He is primarily black but has a sprinkling of silver on this body and a lot of silver on the back of each leg and around his face. We just gave him his summer haircut. He is in excellent health and is full of energy. We walk 1-2 miles daily and he has several dog friends who he plays with each morning. Thanks again for breeding such a wonderful dog who is a big part of our family.

The below comment is about a F1 Doxiepoo

Hi Shannon,
We bought one of Lilly & Monty's doxiepoo puppies almost a year ago and just wanted to check in with you. She is amazing and the perfect dog. I also think she is becoming your NYC sales rep. People stop us in the park and ask where we found such a beautiful dog. We have given your website to several interested potential owners and one lady mentioned that she spoke with you recently. Murphy is 11.4 lbs and the vet says she couldn't be healthier. We are continuing to order the Blackwood small puppy food as well. It took a while but she is a great walker now - I don't have to worry about her darting out into traffic when we are waiting to cross the street. She is learning new tricks all the time. She also doesn't mind plane rides as long as her head sticks out of her bag. We plan to take her to the beach this summer. If you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to contact me.

The below comment is about a Doxiepoo(picture on small breed page)

Hope this note finds you well. My family and I just wanted to again thank you for the newest addition to our group :) Lucy has really brought us all so much joy and happiness. She was the perfect Christmas gift and we are all so in love with her! Our yellow lab is also a fan as they have become best of friends. Lucy's little tail wags a mile a minute when she sees Daisy (our yellow lab) come around. We have attached a photo of Lucy in her Valentine's Day dress - she really is too cute!

We will continue to send notes and pictures. Have a great day!

(Lucy was in Riley & Lady’s liter born back in late October ‘07.)

The below comment is about two F1b Labradoodles

Well, Snickers and Dooley are just doing great. Dooley is now 8 months old and weighs 56 lbs.. Snicker is at 62 lbs. How can I tell you how much joy they bring to us. We hired a trainer to work with them at our home and they have responded so well. We are so pleased, People stop us everywhere and ask us about our two beautiful dogs, comment about how well behaved and smart they are. Even our Vet talks about how beautiful and smart they are, and our groomer couldn't be happier working on our dogs.

Valri and I recently paid our house off... and because we want the dogs to have a place to play, we are looking for either a larger house on a big lot or some property to build a new house on.. And if and when we get a bigger place, we have decided that well WILL get another labradoodle from you.

As soon as we have them groomed again, we will send you a few pictures. Thanks again for these two wonderful additions to our family. They give us so much love and joy, keep us laughing all the time and they even sleep with us. Valri still has allergies around other dogs... but no problems whatsoever with Snickers and Dooley, a true tribute to your superb breeding program.

Thanks again.

The below comment is about a F1 Labradoodle

Hi Shannon, I wanted to share our good news with you. Ringo has passed his certification and is now a pet therapy dog. We are very excited to share him with as many people as we can. He is very gentle, kind and well behaved. Ringo will be dazzling the sick and the elderly with his good looks and sweet southern charm for many years to come. We are so proud of him. I cannot tell you how very much he is loved by our family and by our community.

The below comment is about a F1 Shepadoodle

I first would like to thank you for the best dog in the entire world! I thank god everyday for allowing me to have the most amazing dog in the entire world! He is the sweetest, kindest, beautiful, gentle, smartest most amazing dog ever! I don't know what I would do with out him. He had gone through two, 12 week sessions of obedience class and had always been the best in class. I am surprised everyday on how intelligent he is. He loves to go swimming, play with his friends at the dog park and go running with me. I hope that your dog breeding business is doing well, and I will be in contact with you again hopefully this summer, so we can be blessed with another one of your puppies. I look at the pictures of your new litters and upcoming ones practically religiously on your webpage.
Bless you and I will be keeping in touch!

The below comment is about a Doxiepoo.

Hi there! just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing great! i named him Brazos and he is just wonderful! he is pretty much pottytrained already and is my snuggle bunny at night :) he is absolutely the sweeetest thing ever! i love him! thanks so much for working with me!

The below comment is about a Doxiepoo.

I was nice to meet you and all the dogs. Just wanted to give you quick update.

Tucker fell a sleep in the car 20 mintues after leaving your place. He made it to Charlotte and did not have accident. The first night (12/26) we stayed at a friend's house. We setup his exercise pen and crate in the living room and he went over to the pee pad and peed. I was afaid Tucker would not like his crate, well, his drugged his toys into the crate. We had a nice first night - Tucker slept a full 4.5 hours in his create without a sound.

The flight home the next day went with no problems. He liked the carrier I had for him. We did cause the line to back up at secuirty, I carried him though the metal detector and the security guide at the other side loved Tucker and had to pet him.

On Friday went to the vet and all is fine. The vet was smitten with him - Tucker ran right to him when he came in the room. Loved his personality and wished all the Christmas puppies he see were as happy and healthy as Tucker.

Thanks again, I did not expect to get a puppy who already crate trained and understands the use of a pee pad. He is very good at pooing on the pee pad, just have to work on peeing.

The below comment is about a Schnoodle.

Thank you SOOO much for Izzy once again!!! she has changed our lives in so many ways.... She has definatley grown up in the short amount of time we have had her. She now weighs 6 pounds 2 oz. and is as healthy as ever! She loves to play with other dogs and run up to joggers on our daily walk. Once again thank you soo much i coulld not imagine a world without IZZY!!!

The below comment is about a Doxiepoo.

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful my puppy is!!! He arrived happy and is great...just what I needed! I have already spent so much on puppy toys, we take "walks" and I often end up carrying him!! He is someone to love and talk to at a tough time in my life. Thank you for getting him here so quickly. He doesn't have a name yet, soon. We will keep in touch

The below comment is about an F1B Doxiepoo.

We welcomed "Spock" tonight. We had a long list of names; he seemed to be Spock. He is SO ADORABLE! Our other dog, Patches, and the cat also welcomed him. He seemed really calm and secure after his long trip. We (his family) were keeping vigil and I'm sure driving the Petsafe program crazy. Thank you so much. He seems perfect for our family.

The below comment is about a Labradoodle

I am so pleased with Coda, the labradoodle we got from you. He is a big beautiful dog. He has helped to heal my broken heart.

The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle.

Last year in Jan. we bought a shepadoodle from you. He was shipped to Cleveland, Ohio I hope you remember, we named him Bauer. We just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of him. He is an awesome pet, we are very happy with him. Bauer has a great temperment, he listens very well and loves everybody. very laid back. we love him. Hope the pictures come through i am new at digital. Thank You for breeding such a wonderful dog. We recomend you to everyone.

The below comment is about a F1b Labradoodle.

Hi Shannon,

I wanted to let you know that Oreo has turned into a gorgeous dog. I have attached a photo, but let me say first that it in no way does her justice!

She started training classes and we're in week #4 now. Of course she had to be the prettiest girl in class, so her dad took her to the "beauty parlor" before her first class. Her hair had gotten over 5" long, and was gorgeous. But she was getting so hot. We decided to have her trimmed way down. They used the clippers and took her down to about and inch and a half. Her fur now looks AND feels like crushed velvet. It's absolutely gorgeous.

We walked into PetSmart that first night of class, and everyone in the store commented on her beautiful coat. The trainer said Oreo has the prettiest coat she's ever seen on any dog! She asked about her diet -- we feed Iams dry food (large puppy blend) mixed w/ one tablespoon of plain yogurt twice daily. Maybe the yogurt is giving her the beautiful shiny coat, but I really think it was just good breeding! There's another F1b in her class -- nowhere NEAR as pretty as our Oreo.

Her disposition couldn't be better. And she's, by far, the brightest doggie in class. She's so loving, sweet, curious, playful, and just the cutest little thing ever. She's at almost 50 lbs now, and still growing since she's only six months old -- but she's not overweight at all. We realized just how slim and trim she actually is after we had her fur cut down.

Hope you enjoy the photo. And I hope the other pups from her litter turned out even half as pretty as she did. She's a beauty alright! Thanks again. We'll keep you updated. Hope you don't mind.

PS -- I've also attached one photo of Quincy. He is the pup from Lela and Shamrock's December litter. Our friends adopted him. We get the two babies together as often as we can so they can see their "cousin" for some playtime!

The below comment is about a F1b Labradoodle.


We are so happy with our Labradoodle puppy, Snickers! She's six months old now and weighs 50 lbs! With every passing day, she learns something new. She is so smart. She keeps us laughing with her playfulness and gives us lots of love. She is truly our baby and a major part of our family. She loves to ride so we take her on little errand trips with us. We are stopped by everyone to ask us about our beautiful dog. Naturally, we are bubbling with pride. Her sweet disposition and precious face steals everyone's heart immediately. We're often asked if she is a show dog!

You may recall that I bought Snickers as a Valentine present for my wife. She tells everyone that it was the very best Valentine's present EVER! My wife Valri has never owned a dog before due to her allergies. With Snickers, she has NO problems whatsoever. In fact she often snuggles with Snickers and can bury her face in Snicker's hair with no effect at all. We are now very excited about getting our second Labradoodle puppy from you. In fact, we have already chosen a name for our new little boy, "Hershey," what else?

I have attached a recent photo of Snickers so you can see just how cute she is and how much she has grown.

Shannon, thank you so much for all the joy you've brought into our lives and for the care and devotion you have in breeding these wonderful dogs.

The below comment is about a Schnoodle.

We wanted to send you a few picks from our first days together. She is such a joy! She's been really good and is learning where to go potty already!

The below comment is about a F1 Labradoodle.
(F1's can get large like Ringo who is 105 lbs)

Hello Shannon, just a quick note today. We have a black Labradoodle, Ringo, whom we bought from you two years ago this month. He is so amazing, and we love him so very much. I think of you often because I am so glad we found your kennel, and this absolutely wonderful pet. He is just perfect. He only chews his own toys, never harms anything in our home, does not shed, and he is the most loving dog I have ever known. He is so adored, not only by us but by all our neighbors and our friends as well. He gets invited to parties, and is always included when we go visit friends or family. He rides to school every morning to drop off our two boys, and it never fails every single day someone will roll down their window and comment on how beautiful and adorable he is. People love to touch him, and he always shakes their hand like a good mannered southern gentleman. I never have to worry about Ringo and whether or not he will behave himself, because he has NEVER misbehaved in any situation. He can be left completely alone in my home, or my friend's beach house and he will not bark, he won't try to escape, or harm anything. He just sleeps until we come home and then he gives us his big ole smile and lots of kisses and hugs. I will never be able to tell you how much joy he has brought to us in his two short years. Ringo completes our family, and we look forward to having him around for many years to come. Thank you again for our big (105 lbs) happy guy.

The below comment is about a F1b Labradoodle.

Hi Shannon. I hope this picture finds you well. Last June you were kind enough to sell Shamrock Whiteneck (Rocky) to my wife and me for our son, Nathan. Well Nathan is doing very well, and so is Rocky. I have attached a picture of him taken on his First Birthday, April 9, 2007. He weighs about 50 lbs and his fur is deceiving. He is really quite thin, very agile, and very very strong. This picture was taken at a time when we only tried to keep the fur cut away from his eyes. I wanted him to reach one year old before we really gave him a trim. He looks much different now with his summer hair-cut. He lives in the house with us and is very well crate-trained. He and Nathan are inseparable. Thank you again. He is a fine dog.

The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle.

I wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with our Shepadoodle that we adopted from you in March 06. “Gromit” has grown to be a very large boy and we love him soooo much. He is a wonderful companion with a very lively sense of humor. He has a very friendly nature and loves kids and other dogs. At the same time, when he barks one would think twice about entering our home uninvited.

The below comment is about a F1 Shepadoodle.

In January of 05 I was lucky enough to "adopt" our shepadoodle Woodrow (known to all as Woody) from you. I want you to know that we couldn't be more pleased with him and he has become a central player in our family and lives. He's smart, loyal, friendly, good looking and looks like a real dog. The closeup picture is one of his goofy times. The full picture shows his lines. At almost two years he now weighs close to 70 pounds. Your good work is often in our thoughts.

The below comment is about a multigen Labradoodle

Bruce and I were out of town for a few days so Boomer had his first stay at the doggie spa. He did just great and everyone there loved him. They commented on his beautiful coat and his eyes---they thought they looked "human". I just want you to know that several people, vet, spa personel, and our dog trainer have all commented on how beautiful Boomer is and though other people have said they have a Labradoodle, none looked like your pup. The consensus is that you are breeding a superior dog. Just thought you might like to hear that.

The below comment is about a F1b Labradoodle.

Hi Shannon...Just want to let you know that Lola is doing wonderful. She is a precious addition to our family. She is such a comical puppy. She keeps us laughing all the time. She has such energy & is very healthy. When we took her to the Vet everyone was commenting on how adorable she was. They were singing the song "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow since it mentions the name Lola. She just ate all the attention up. She is 95% house trained. She seems to learn very fast. I have allergies & asthma & I haven't had an attack as of yet to her. We just want to thank you for such a wonderful puppy. She definately came from a wonderful place. We love her so much and can't imagine life without her.

The below comment is about a F1 Labradoodle.

He is just the most awesome dog. We spent most of our summer on Daufuskie Island, and Ringo absolutely loved the ocean. He spent hours in the water with my two boys. If they splashed around too much, he actually went out and pulled them to shore. The boys thought it was great fun. Ringo is the perfect combination of lovable pet, playmate, and watchdog. He has NEVER chewed or destroyed anything in our home. He actually makes up his own little games to play with us. This dog has more personality than any dog I have ever seen. He does not shed, and our vet says he is as healthy as they come. Ringo is very well behaved for travel. He rides in our car, on ferries, buses, and in our golf cart. You come very highly recommended by us often. Thank you again for our true love.

The below comment is about a F1b Labradoodle.

WOW! I can't say enough about how much we LOVE Buddy already - you two did such a wonderful job, I can already tell. Buddy arrived safely this afternoon and we were right there to get him as soon as he arrived. He came right to us as soon as we opened the crate and right into my daughter's arms.
He seems so at home here. He took several naps under our kitchen table chair (Susan, he does love this spot!), has roamed and explored our backyard with enthusiasm and has really taken to my daughter and me. We are absolutely in love with him! We took 48 pictures today - but will save you from seeing all of them. You'll get to see his new brother and sister (my son, Joey, 3 1/2 and daughter Grace, 6) as well you can hopefully see how content he is in his new home.
I'll be sure to send updates to you often. Thank you so much again for doing such a wonderful job with Buddy!

Update- Buddy has been sleeping through the night since day 4 and hasn't had an accident in the house in over a week. We are just having such fun with him! He LOVES the kids and loves to play, explore, run and follow us wherever we go. He's just so good I can't brag enough about him. His coat is just beautiful and his personality couldn't be better. He has learned his name and always comes when he is called and his latest achievement is knowing how to sit when told:-) We also start our training classes the first week in September.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and can see how he has grown. He's just a love and again, my family can't thank you enough for breeding such a perfect dog. The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle.

We got Ruca from you right before Thanksgiving last year, and he's 8 months old now. He is amazing! He had a beautiful coat, but we do so much hiking (and have a creak right outside my house that he enjoyed jumping in) and he always had mud and stuff in his coat so we just clipped him:-(

He's in training to become a therapy dog and we go to a nursing home every other weekend. He is great, he knows when to be a crazy puppy and he just turns it off when he needs to; he is a hit at the nursing home. He really is the most amazing dog ever. He is rarely on a leash, we live far off the road, so we just let him run around outside and he comes in as soon as we call him (most of the time:-) and when we go to the park we just let him run loose and he stays right with us. Thank you so much!!
We also took some obedience classes, and the instructor even said he was one of the smartest dogs he has ever seen. (he learned to crawl in two- five minute sessions.) I really would recommend a shepadoodle to anyone, regardless of whether they are looking for a watch dog, a friendly dog, a therapy dog, a best friend, a running partner - they must be the most versatile breed ever.
Thanks again for giving us the most amazing dog ever,

We bought a labradoodle puppy from you back in April, and let me tell you she has been a joy to have. Syndei will be a year old in January. She is very gentle with our nineteen month old son. She puts up with all his rough play. I'm highly allergic to dogs but have never had an allergic reaction to our labradoodle. She is an instinctive watch dog and always alerts us when there's trespassers with a howling hound dog type of bark. She was very easy to house break. You were right about the crate training. That's the only way to go. Sydnei is low shedding; she shed's much less than other dogs my husband has had. I recommend this dog highly to other allergy sufferers who want a dog.

Merry Christmas. We purchased an adorable schnoodle from you in May. Happy is so cute and very smart. Everyone who sees him loves him. He is very personable and friendly – he fits his name. And he is brilliant: he can sit, down, roll over, jump, shake, high five and stand. And he can do them all with voice command or just a hand signal. I think he wants to be an actor when he grows up. His hair is still kind of apricot color. His two siblings were more white. I am sending along a picture. Thanks so much!! We love him.

The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle.

OH MY GOSH!!!! Shannon, You did not tell me how much of a lap dog this little girl is!!! We have found out a couple of things from her... 1) she does not like to spend the night in a crate near us or in another room either 2) she has had NO indoor accidents as of yet... 3) she loves toys...both hers, our other dogs, and my granddaughters 4) she is easily bullied by new is so funny to see her run away from them when they come in the room...she runs through the house to the living room and jumps up on the couch....preferrably behind anyone that is sitting there.. 5) she loves love... She is great!!! No complaints at all...
Will keep you posted as to her progress and will send pictures soon.. Thanks again and I hope you and your mother made it home safely.. Write soon....

The below comment is about a F1b Shepadoodle.

Hi Shannon, I wanted to let you know everything is going great with our new little puppy (I think i've already noticed him growing.) We decided on Ruca, which is spanish slang for 'true love'...he is a boy and Ruca refers to a girl...but he'll never know. He was amazing on the ride home, after a little upset stomach, he just rested with his head in my lap and was the little socializer when we stopped at rest stops. House training him was easier than I ever could have imagined. I can't believe it has only been a little over a week, but he already knows his name, sit and lay...he's amazing!! I will get you some pictures as soon as I get them on the computer. Thanks again!!

Recently on a visit to SC I bought a Doodle. She is the sweetest dog. She has done very well with her move to Virginia. I tell people the one thing I have noticed is she is a very smart dog. I am so glad we have her. She is great with the kids and my other dog and training is going very well. I would highly recommend this breed to anyone. thanks

Hi Shannon, we are so enjoying our dog Ringo, whom we purchased from you last June. He is now almost 8 months old, and is an absolutely gorgeous dog weighing about 70 pounds. He is extremely good natured, and we love him so very much. He has a wonderful personality Everywhere we go people want to touch him, and ask questions about him. He is always a huge hit at the off-the-leash dog park. Most people marvel over his size, and his beautiful curly coat. He does not shed at all! He is not hyper or distructive at all. My children have taught him to play football, and he actually knows how to tackle my 6 & 10 year old boys. We included him in our family Christmas card this year! We are so happy with our Labradoodle. He is this huge load of love. Thank you again, and again for such a wonderful addition to our family.

You have sent me one of the sweetest, most beautiful little animals I think I have ever encountered in my life. Maggie Mae's transition to Bayou Lafourche has been an incrediblely effortless process. An additional gift has been the opportunity to see how incredibly special my 1 1/2 yr old. Border Collie, Coco, is as well. Coco has taken on somewhat of a maternal, playmate, and high ranking "guardian" role with Maggie. Maggie loves her and they spend every waking moment engaging with each other in one way or another. Maggie is getting use to her kennel on the "very" few occasions I have to place her there. She sleeps in it, near me at night, with little fanfare. She learned how to use the pet door in 5 minutes flat and is drinking and eating normally! My impression is that Maggie has been extremely well socialized. She tells me with every look and action that she came from a very safe place that provided her with absolutely everything a little puppy would need to remain happy and carefree. The job will be mine to assure that she maintains that great disposition and flourishes as she grows into the beautiful dog I know she will be. .Thank you so much. Even though I know I paid a good price for her, somehow, after experiencing how wonderfully special and unique she is, there seems to be no price that would have been high enough to match the true value of this little puppy.

Rosie has been the best thing that ever happened to our family. We are working with her to get her “medical therapy dog” certification. She is almost there! As you may recall, my daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and frequently needs to stay in the Children’s Hospital for treatments. Once Rosie is certified she will be allowed to go visit “her girl” while she stays in the hospital. I am attaching a photo of Rosie and “her girl” They are growing up together and doing just fine!

Here are three pictures of Lana. She is a dog that we purchased from you back in early December. She is so smart. I took her to tricks class and she now knows about 15 tricks. She can carry a basket and she can also drop her toys in the basket on command.
I've also recommended you to countless people in Charleston. We cannot walk down the street without someone asking us about Lana.

Just wanted you to know that Sadie is growing up to be such a nice young lady. I just love her so much! . I took her to school last Monday and she was the perfect angel. I am still advertising for you

The comment below is about a puppy from Sydney's F1b Labradoodle litter.

Hi Shannon- Just wanted to let you know that "Casey" as we named her, is just the GREATEST puppy! She is sweet and playful and has done so well at potty training. I took her to the vet this am and she said she looked wonderful and she said she had never seen such a beautiful coat on a labradoodle. She slept most of the way home in the car, has only gotten up once each night and hopefullly by weeks end will be sleeping thru. We are in love! I will email you pics soon - just wanted you to know that she is doing really well and we are so happy with her - THANK YOU!!!

The comment below is about a puppy from Sydney's F1b Labradoodle litter.

I wanted to let you know that the vet visit went well. We have one very healthy little boy! Thanks a lot for such a great animal!
I did see the picture on the website, I think Tucker has gained at least a pound since then. He’s eating well and weighed in at 11.6 pounds Monday. He is very close to being house broken already, the accidents are fewer and fewer. He’s almost making an entire night in the crate. I’m so completely attached and he’s already significantly improved my life. I’ll send you some pictures soon.

The following link is a letter from a customer that purchased a miniature Labradoodle(Goldie) from me. Customer Letter

The comment below is about a puppy from Lexi's Labradoodle litter.

Hi, Shannon. Hope you're doing well. I took Sadie to the vet today and he says she's in great health! She has so far been so easy to train.....she knows "sit," "come," and most importantly, "no!" I can also take her outside and have her take care of business on command. When this happened tonight, I just had to email you. She has been sleeping in her crate at night, and she only cried for a few minutes the first two nights. Just a few minutes ago, I missed her, and guess where she was! You got her crate, sound asleep! She is so cute!

The comment below is about a puppy from Daisy's current labradoodle litter.

Hi Shannon, we are so happy with our Labradoodle puppy. His name is Ringo and he weighed in at the vet this week - 13 weeks- at a whooping 25lbs. The vet was very complimentary about his health, and how well you took care of the vaccinations prior to our purchase of him. He thinks Ringo might weigh about 80lbs full grown. He says he is the only Black Labradoodle he has seen.
We definitely made the right choice, and we are absolutely crazy over Ringo. Since coming to live with us, Ringo has been many places and everyone just marvels over how beautiful and social he is. I totally believe in socializing a dog, so every chance we get Ringo goes with us. He has potty training down for the most part, and sleeps all night in his crate. We ran into a groomer this week at the Catholic School Uniform store. She grooms for the owner of a local Labradoodle breeder. She made the assumption that Ringo was a second generation Labradoodle due to his beautiful coat. Anyway ... I wanted to touch base with you and tell you thank you, thank you, thank you for our amazing new puppy. We are thrilled with him. I will try to send you some pictures soon.

The below comment is about a Shepadoodle.

The below comment is about a F2 Shepadoodle.
Hi Shannon,
I am writing to tell you first how much we LOVE Molly.
She is the sweetest dog ever. I am sure all your families say that about their dogs, but I am certain we are the only ones telling you the truth! :o) Really though, she is a wonderful dog and we get compliments on her wherever we go. She is so calm and mild mannered that people often don't realize she's still a puppy! And I have to tell you she has brought about an amazing change in our dog Sydney. Before Molly came Syd would lay around in the back room and rarely socialize with us. Now she is everywhere Molly is, making sure she gets her share of the attention. Best of all, Molly got Sydney to be interested in playing again! That is something none of the other dogs in the family could do! Sydney actually initiates play with Molly. It's so fun to watch and it's so nice to see such an improvement in Sydney's life. I can't say enough great things about having Molly as part of our family.
I am including a couple of photos of her. One is from the dog park, which she loved visiting. And the other is her with our dog Sydney on the left and my sister's dog Samson (a lab/great dane mix) it can give you an idea of how much she has grown.

This comment is about a Labradoodle.

Today I took Lana to the farmer's market in Charleston and this woman came running up to me to say that Lana could be a Hollywood dog, that I should train her and take her to Hollywood. We get comments on a daily basis that she is the cutest dog that people have ever laid eyes on. By the way, she is very smart and already knows a lot of tricks. She can sit, down, stay, shake and roll over! We've also trained her not to touch shoes and she drops things if you say "leave it." We've only used lots of positive reinforcement to train her (with a little bit of bitter apple and a can of pennys, when it was only necessary).

This comment is about a Shepadoodle.

Sorry I missed your call last night. As I'm sure Tom told you, Dixie is just great. I think I could have named her Shadow!! She is never more than two paces from my side -- I love it! Our grandchildren love her and she sure enjoys them. She has a great little personality and is very intelligent. She loves her toys and rummages through the basket we keep them in for the exact one she wants at the moment! She just loves being outside with us.

Thanks for calling to check on our shepadoodles. Bobo, the white one, and Coal, the black one, are doing great and loving their new home! It'