Coat Types

Shannons Shamrock Kennels Fleece, Wool, Wavy Coats  Fleece (hypoallergenic - non-shedding)
  Wool (hypoallergenic- non-shedding)
  Wavy (not hypoallergenic - shedding less than a lab or shepherd) 

F1s are rarely non-shedding.  I do not bred F1s currently. 
In some litters all pups will have a non-shedding coat.
In other litters regardless of whether they are F1b, F2, F3 etc some will not.  In looking for a non-shedding puppy, the important thing is the pup in the litter not the generation.  I can tell which pups will shed.  The personality is not affected by generation either.  This is a great combinations of breeds regardless of generation.

Many people have gotten a great dog from me and think the only way they will get another great dog is for it to be the same generation, same color, look the same, same parents, etc.  This is not necessary. These are great dogs. Each dog should be judged on their own merit and loved for who they are.  They give us unconditional love.  Let's do the same.