Available Doxiepoos

UPDATED:  dec 23rd 2018

one Doxiepoo pup currently available
 Gearing up for more doxiepoos in the future.  


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Neenah and Snickers had a litter of F1 Doxiepoos on October 31st 
2018.  They will be ready to go to their new homes on December 26th  $1200 plus 8% sales tax. 



pumpkin - male - reserved

Stuffin - male - reserved

sweet potato - male - reserved

Yam - male - reserved

 casserole - male - available

cranberry -female - reserved

green bean - female - reserved

below a picture of a pup from a previous litter. not for sale


Welcome to the Doxiepoo Nursery. 

Doxiepoo: An Adorable Cross between a Dachshund | A Poodle


sweet pup from a previous litter - not for sale

Shannon Woodrow
803 260 2030