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We almost always have Labradoodle & Shepadoodle puppies for sale , therefore we do not carry a waiting list for long periods of time. When a litter you may be interested in is born and posted, it would be a good time to contact us. First deposit gets first pick of the puppies for sale.  There is sometimes a little wait for the Doxiepoo pups.
  • We accept $100 deposit on puppies while their mother is pregnant for people   that want to ensure picking order.
  • We accept half of the remaining balance at birth
  • The other half when the pups are 8 weeks old.
There is sometimes a little wait for the Doxiepoo pups.

SHIPPING:  shipping puppies currently suspended until we can finish our new kennel in our new location to have it usda certified.
We can arrange shipping on pups anywhere in the United States and some locations in Canada.
  • The cost is generally $450. This includes shipping, crate and health certificate. Shipping older large breed pups(usually over 12 weeks) is more expensive depending on their size.

Shipping a puppy is typically more worrisome for the person picking up the puppy than it is for the puppy. We have shipped a great many of our puppies  and they do wonderfully. Puppy food will be attached to the crate to be mixed in with the food you purchase as to not change the diet to abruptly. A good quality dog food is important. Because many good dog foods are regional,  I suggest going to your local pet store to speak with the person there that is most knowledgeable about dog food.

We will only sell to people that we feel will give our puppies a good home. We require both an application and a personal conversation with potential customers. We take great pride in our Labradoodles, Shepadoodles & Doxiepoo puppies for sale. When you call or email, please tell us:
  • Your home situation, for instance whether you have a fenced yard and how you plan to care for the puppy.
  • Please consider all the aspects of caring for a puppy before you make a commitment to one.
  • Please crate train your puppy in order to housebreak and provide the puppy with a safe outdoor spot to use the bathroom.
  • Fences are a very good investment. Please put one up, before you buy a puppy. If you are unable to fence in your yard, consider the time and energy involved with walking your puppy on a leash. Dogs that run loose get hit by cars, get lost and hurt by other animals.
  • Please make sure that everyone in the household will welcome the puppy. Consider buying a puppy as a life time commitment.

We breed all our poodle crosses for health, the temperament that makes for wonderful companions, coat, and color. We screen for health problems and do follow up with our customers, offering house-training tips to health advice. We provide a written health guarantee. Genetic diseases are guaranteed against for 12 months. We keep our dogs in a temperature controlled kennel, sparing no expense. They are turned out daily where they have lots of room to run and play on large fenced in yards. Adults are rotated into the house, for extra love and attention.
All litters are born in a separate temperature controlled Whelping building. Puppies normally stay in this building until they are 6 weeks. They then go to a temperature controlled indoor/ outdoor kennel where they use the bathroom outside. This lends well to the next step which is going to their new homes and crate training. We have had great responses on the speed that our puppies are housebreaking. They are raised with love and affection. They are de-wormed regularly and will have at least two shots before they go home to their new family.

Spay|Neuter required on all puppies unless agreement is made between myself and buyer.

Owner: Shannon Woodrow
Calls Welcome
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